mini consults

some of the countless flowers in Ghana
some of the countless flowers in Ghana

Are the seeds you took from abroad disappointing you time after time?
No idea which plants to choose in a nursery?
You like the lay-out of your garden, but you dislike the plants and flowers occupying it?
You want your garden to look good in a short period of time?

We will visit you and after thorough discussion about your needs and wishes, will go through our extensive digital database of 'plants and flowers in Ghana'.

This will result in an overview (botanical names and pictures) of the plants we would like to recommend based on our discussion. You can use this overview to buy the plants in the numerous nurseries in Ghana. Of course Munisco Gardens can also supply the plants.

If you just moved into a new house and you have an 'adult' garden that needs some tidying up, we'll go through it together to see which (preferably simple) measures can result in a new garden that meets your wishes.

Many of the popular flowering plants in Ghana are poisonous or can cause allergic reactions, and therefore are a potential danger to children and pets. Besides poisonous plants, other dangers - like steps, swimmingpools and places attracting vermin - need special attention when you want your (visitor's) children being able to safely play in your garden. We can advise you on how to make your garden safe for children and pets.

The above mentioned mini-consults result in a list of recommendations and/or in an overview of pictures.
If you want to renovate your garden completely, or the garden is not yet occupied by plants and trees, you might want us to design the perfect garden for you.


Kotoku Children's Park
Kotoku Children's Park
Munisco Gardens designs gardens of all kinds, of all sizes. According to your wishes and possibilities, we can make only the preliminary design or a full plan including working drawings and of course we can do the actual work for you.

For a building to appear to full advantage, a carefully – and if possible in close cooperation with the architect of the building – designed landscape is indispensable. However, we also hold the view that landscaping should support and possibly fortify the appearance of the building rather than compete with it.

We strive to design the landscape and choose planting fit to the environmental conditions of the project site, of course also considering time span (when must garden be full-grown) and maintenance (minimum watering, non-invasive plants, reduce garden waste etc).


stringent setting out of design & planting
stringent setting out of design & planting
Once the design is complete, the actual work has to be done. For a garden this consists of two major parts: the 'hardscaping' (paving, dwarf walls, swimming pool, etc.), the 'softscaping' (planting of plants, trees and grass). Equally important, but later in the process, is the maintenance.

If you don't want to hire a separate (horti-culture) contractor we can do the work for you. If you prefer doing the work yourself or hire a contractor, it is desirable to let us supervise the work, to ensure the work is done in an accurate way and according to the design, and to be able to find solutions in line with the design in case of unexpected changes.

The most important part of the garden: the grass, the plants, the trees. Accurate and professional planting is important to ensure a garden with healthy and good looking plants. Of course we can also supply the plants.
Of course we can also supply them.


growing plants in our own nursery
growing plants in our own nursery
We provide you with a picture overview of the plants to be used in the design, so you can purchase the plants in one of the numerous nurseries in Ghana.

If you would want us to supply you with the plants, we purchase them from reliable nurseries. In some cases - when large quantities are needed or a rare color of the species, and time permits - we grow the plants in our own nursery.

transplanting palms

transplanting palms

It takes most palms quite a while before they reach the height you are looking for.
Therefore you would like to save the palms that are already in your garden but do not fit in the new lay-out (although of course in our designs we try avoid moving trees and palms if possible).
If your garden is renovated and palms need to be transplanted, we can do that job for you.

garden make-over

If your garden was neglected for a while, if some shrubs or bushes behaved a bit too invasive, if your garden looks very messy and you know how you want it to look but you just don't know how to organise a cleaning up, you might want to contact us.
Our team will tidy up your garden for you in just a few days.

If your garden is a mess and you don't know what to do to turn it into a more organised and neat site, you might want to hire us for a mini consult.