What is a garden?

Royal Netherlands Embassy, Accra
Royal Netherlands Embassy, Accra

A garden is more important than you might think!

A garden is an extension of a house or office, especially in the hot climate of Ghana. Because even when the weather is too hot to enjoy being outside, the garden is seen from most spaces in your house.

Moreover, to a large extend the state of a garden determines the way the building is experienced: a beautiful new office on a neglected site looses most of its charm, whilst a house that needs maintenance doesn't look so bad at all in a beautiful garden.

It is because of this strong relations between a building and its surrounding landscape that Munisco Gardens works with a (Dutch trained) architect who specialised in designing tropical gardens.

We offer various services, from mini consults for private gardens to complete designs of large representative sites, from hardscaping to esthetical maintenance and from plant supplies to palm transplanting and garden make-overs.

Munisco Limited

Munisco Gardens is a division of Munisco Ltd. This company was established in 1996. Then the company consisted of an agricultural division and a construction division. Over the last few years the construction division has undertaken several projects in the field of irrigation (rehabilitation), roads and buildings, and several jobs in the field of landscaping for foreign missions in Accra and Lome (Togo). Over the same period the agricultural division has focused on imports of a variety of agricultural products and instruments, from veterinary medicine to surveying equipment and land mechanization machines.

Over the last two years we have established Munisco Haulage. This division focuses on both national and international delivery of goods. Our fleet consists of about 15 trucks, varying from tipping trucks to low bed semi trailers.